Vladimir Putin

Pussy Riot, Putin’s Ashes
Art & PhotographyPussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova on casting a spell to kill Putin
Pussy Riot, Riot Days tour
PoliticsPussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina on activism in wartime Russia
Pussy Riot’s Masha Alekhina detained
PoliticsPussy Riot’s Masha Alekhina faces jail time following anti-Putin protest
Pussy Riot activist
PoliticsPussy Riot on what to do if you’re detained amid mass Russian protests
Rainbow flag outside Ministry of Culture
PoliticsPussy Riot fly rainbow flags outside government for Putin’s birthday
LBGTQ+ flag
PoliticsRussia is set to further strip LGBTQ+ people of their rights
Russia’s popular music crackdown
MusicAfter a crackdown on live music in Russia, artists are asking what’s next
Life & CultureThat video of the woman pouring bleach on manspreaders is probably fake
Portrait of Vladimir Putin by Brian Whiteley
PoliticsArtist claims he hung a Putin portrait in Trump hotel and no one noticed
pussy riot
MusicPussy Riot confront Putin’s presidential win in new song ‘Elections’
MusicPussy Riot recruit Chloë Sevigny to tackle ‘Police State’
PoliticsPussy Riot shut down Trump Tower
Arts+CultureRussia bans ‘extremist’ image of Putin in makeup
Russian protests
Arts+CultureYoung people in Russia protest against corrupt Kremlin
Still from Pussy Riot’s video ‘Chaika’
Arts+CulturePussy Riot give advice for women to defy Putin and Trump
Sofeev 3
Arts+CultureNadya from Pussy Riot on domestic violence: ‘Fuck this shit’
Arts+CultureRussia might ban smoking for people born after 2015
jeremy deller Vladimir Putin
Arts+CultureJeremy Deller puts pro-Brexit tattoo on a topless Putin
Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 14.09.33
Arts+CultureLeonardo DiCaprio wants to play Vladimir Putin in a film
russia lgbt
Arts+CultureRussian politicians want to ban gays from kissing in public
Vladimir Putin
Arts+CulturePutin ‘definitely’ not homophobic, supports LGBT rights
Vladimir Putin's Gay Bar
Arts+CultureThese guys have built a gay bar on Vladimir Putin's land
Putin wants to ban emojis
Arts+CulturePutin is trying to ban ‘gay emojis’ in Russia
Russia's straight flag
Arts+CultureVladimir Putin’s party releases ‘straight pride flag’