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Shunsuke Meguro Beauty Shoot
Direction, hair and head props Shunsuke Meguro, make-up Tamayo YamamotoPhotography Piczo, styling Kazami

Shunsuke Meguro celebrates Japanese culture through the dynamic art of wigs

The hairstylist teams up with photographer Piczo on a new beauty shoot

I would like to use this series of images to convey the importance of cherishing and deeply knowing your country's culture,” Shunsuke Meguro says of his beauty shoot with photographer Piczo. “It enriches our sensibilities.” 

Inspired by the traditional Japanese culture of Kabuki (a perfuming art that consists of music, dance, and drama), Shikoku pilgrimage (a pilgrimage to 48 temples in the Shikoku region of Japan) and Ukiyo-e (a genre of Japanese traditional painting), the hairstylist created beautiful and dynamic wig creations which at the same time pay tribute to and heighten the original styles. 

For one of the looks, Meguro took inspiration from Takekasa hats, worn by those making the Shikoku pilgrimage, and used real human hair to fashion his own versions, styling the hair into braids and matching the shade to the models’ hair so that the hats become almost an extension of the head itself.  

In contrast to lively hair and make-up, the photography was kept purposely simple. “The photography is inspired by the philosophy of Japanese subtractive aesthetics,” Meguro tells us. “Because the hair and make-up are strong, the photo has a minimalistic finish to balance the beauty of hair and make-up.”

Direction, hair and head props: Shunsuke Meguro

Photography: Piczo

Styling: Kazami

Make-up: Tamayo Yamamoto

Casting: Sarah-Maria Booth