jingxin wang

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The digital artist working across fashion, music and visual art.
Jingxin Wang

Digital artist Jingxin Wang’s pivot to 3D rendering happened almost accidentally. While researching early Internet art as part of a Master’s degree in graphic design, she stumbled upon the digital art community. Wang was intrigued by what seemed to be a lawless, more dynamic and inspiring space, and began teaching herself 3D design techniques. Now, she works across music, media and fashion, creating surreal pieces that explore contrasts and mutations, often in a darkly humorous way.

Wang’s compositions, while otherworldly, feature elements inspired by reality – from human figures and insect larvae to smoke alarms and parachutes. Her work has a distinct tactility to it, where bulbous shapes and viscous slime converge with jagged surfaces and furry textures. 

In keeping with her appreciation of the ever-evolving digital art community, Wang is unconstrained by divides between industries. She works across fashion, music and visual art, collaborating with the likes of Shanghai record label SVBKVLT, publishing platform AQNB and avant-garde fashion brand NUTEMPEROR. In addition to designing the cover for Prettybwoy’s debut album Tayutau, Wang has made artwork for Melbourne musician daine and a CGI video for Yen Tech’s track “Extinction Game”.

Text Morna Fraser