Clara Bacou

London, United Kingdom

Tech Innovators

The multi-disciplinary creator of fantastical 3D artworks and AR lenses.
Clara Bacou

Clara Bacou is a multi-disciplinary creator of otherworldly 3D artworks and AR lenses. The Central Saint Martins graduate was handpicked by Snapchat to be one of their first official lens creators. As such, her striking, vibrant filters and augmented reality designs have enabled millions of users to transform their appearance and enhance their environments.

Her inaugural lens for the instant messaging app was the “Dragon” – a complex animation inspired by Chinese imperial guardian lions and including a Pokémon Go-style dragon companion.Since the London-born artist’s Snapchat debut in 2018, other imaginative lenses have also included “Pierced”, as worn by supermodel Heidi Klum – an elaborate composition of futuristic face jewellery, and “Brace Face” – dystopian headwear with built-in mirrored shades. 

Bacou’s fantastical, hyper-saturated, avatar-enhancing creations not only enable users to play with their identities and create extraordinary new possibilities for self-expression, but they also possibly herald a more cyborgian future, a future in which our online lives become much more enmeshed with the fabric of our daily selves.

Text Emily Dinsdale